Hi, my name's Casey. How can I help you?

I create, finesse, and man-handle images into exactly what they need to be. I take great pride in never saying it’s impossible or can’t be done. As a creative problem-solver committed to exceeding your expectations, I’ll get it done, and your problems will go away.

I've been working in digital imaging and photography since 2001, and during that time I've been a part of almost every stage in the production of editorial, advertising, and fine art imagery. I started out as a photographer's assistant, actually more of an assistant to the assistant, and worked my way up. As digital gradually took over the analog film world, I became a digital tech, a photographer, and eventually found my way to retouching. Recently, I spent over 5 years as an in-house digital effects artist (aka retoucher) at an award-winning advertising agency where I created art for some of the world’s most notable brands. 

Since 2014 I have been operating independently, serving a wide variety of advertising agencies, brands, and photographers.

ck@caseykerrick.com / 720.371.0701